alex and claudia, the couple behind

Hi there! We’re Alex and Cláudia, the couple behind Gentle Plate!

Both from Portugal, albeit from different regions in the country, we met in the charming city of Lisbon ten years ago (OMG, it’s been ten years already!). How time flies, it’s scary.

Back when we met, we weren’t vegan, and we frankly couldn’t fathom becoming vegan cuz we adored eating pasta with bacon (a typical meal for students living in a 100ft² room) — an action we regret today but that was part of our journey.

Fast forward a couple of years (around 2016,) we were recommended to watch Cowspiracy (the popular documentary), which pushed us towards eating less meat and dairy— or, at least, try to.

At this point in our lives, we were very much accustomed to eating meat and dairy, but within us, we felt a change. And well, it’s been 7 years now, and we’re still loving plant-based foods and preparing it with the utmost care and love in the hope that you can enjoy it as much as we do!

Where to Start?

If you’re a first timer here at Gentle Plate, head over to our recipe page to access the entire recipe collection. Since we love to travel, we often find ourselves creating dishes from different countries and cultures — it has happened with Vietnam, Thailand, France, and even countries where we haven’t been to (Japan, we’ll see you one day!).

  • If you’d like to know us better, start out by tasting some of our most nostalgic recipes, which are naturally influenced by our country’s traditional recipes, namely God’s Bread (too strong a name, but that’s what it’s called), this delicious Portuguese Fruit Cake, and this amazing chocolate salami. (You’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve got a sweet tooth) 🙂
  • If you’re in the mood for exotic foods we’ve tasted while navigating Southeast Asia, then you’ll probably love this vegan vietnamese curry, or even the very unique broken rice (with all sorts of fake meats, if that’s your thing).
  • If something fancy is what you’re looking for, then why not taste this lemon panna cotta (which is very much vegan) as it’s made with agar powder— literally one of the best inventions ever, cooking-wise.

Need to Contact Us?

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. We’re super glad you’re here! If you’d like to message us directly, send us an email at — we’ll try to reply to your email as soon as we can!

Also, feel free to say hello on Pinterest and Youtube. We’d love to hear from you, and of course, we deeply appreciate your support!